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Are the tours safe?

Yes. Our vehicles are safe and in road-worthy condition. We conduct checks on each of the vehicles in our fleet every day to ensure that they are in the best possible condition.

Our drivers are highly trained and experienced, and will get you to and from your destination safely.

All of the city’s major landmarks are visited by millions of people each year. As such, they are equipped with excellent security infrastructure.


Do the tours offer any educational value?

Yes. Cape Town is a city with a rich and varied history. Many of the landmarks and hotspots, such as Robben Island and the Castle of Good Hope, have played significant roles in that history. Our team of highly trained guides are at hand to share their knowledge of the city with visitors.


What do the tours include?

Our tours encompass all of Cape Town’s famous landmarks and attractions. You will not leave without having experiencing the best that the city has to offer. We also enjoy sharing some of the city’s lesser-known gems to our clients, something we are well suited to doing, given our intimate knowledge of Cape and the surrounding regions.

These include places of interest across the Western Cape province, many hundreds of kilometres outside of Cape Town.